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#1 Premier Parking enforcement security guard company in the Bay Area - Bay Area Security Company

Parking Security for all parking lot areas, garages and facilities which typically are a large target areas for theft and vandalism.
We believe with the right security guard personnel and the parking enforcement monitoring this can and will drastically reduce the amount of crime that may be committed.

Parking Enforcement, Is it an option?

Parking Enforcement should keep your mind at ease. From Hospitals, Construction Sites, Churches, Fellowships and a like we believe that the monitoring of your facilities is key to protecting your employees and contractors vehicles and property.
Your corporate personnel deserve to live, work or fellowship in a place that has state of the art parking enforcement patrol and monitoring
For licensed, parking enforcement security trust Bay Area Security Company for our responsive services. For San Francisco Parking Enforcement choose the best in the industry.

Bay Area Security Parking Enforcement Solutions

We specialize in providing custom security guard solutions based on your needs and your budget.
The parking enforcement services offerings include:

  • Constant Security Patrols of the parking facility.
  • Traffic Management and Access Entry Logs.
  • Reservation of Parking Spots and Valet Entry.
  • Pedestrian Control and Maintenance for Audience Crowds.
  • Security Threats, Peace of Mind and Parking Patrol Reports.

  • Premier Parking Enforcement San Francisco

    At Bay Area Security Company we are there to offer the highest standard in San Francisco Parking Enforcement. We understand that keeping your parking facilities safe and secure is a top priority and we are excited to partner with you with your parking enforcement goals and reporting..
    We choose to protect your property and residents with our 30 minute walks, check-ins and reporting logs making sure you're covered.
    Call today to schedule with Bay Area Security.

    Are you ready to work with the #1 Parking Enforcement San Francisco Guard Company?

    Bay Area Security Company is a full-service security guard company in the SF Bay Area. In addition to our highly-regarded business security services, we also provide armed and unarmed guards for customers in industries including event, residential, construction, hospitals, VIP and executive protection, corporate events and trade shows. Contact our team of security specialists today to find out more about our services and how our team can best serve your business.
    Our parking enforcement plans are designed and implemented by Bay Area Security. We have the highest decorated parking security guards able and willing to secure your property 24 7. With many customizable options for parking enforcement we have you covered.